Little Venice ~ Trumansburgs ONLY Pizza Delivery

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Brick Oven Pizza!

Quality toppings include fresh veggies and our signature Homemade Italian Sausage (secrety family recipe). Premium cheeses "GRANDE" with Homemade Dough and we use only the best quality tomatoes in our homemade sauce. Tips for Reheating.

Italian Specialties!

Homemade and Imported Pasta and all of our sauces are Homemade using only the best quality tomatoes available. Premium cheeses fresh viggies and meats it just doesn't get any better.


49 E. Main St

Kitchen Hours:


 11am ~10pm


 11am ~ 10:30pm

Mastercard - Visa - Discover - Cash

(No Personal Checks)


The secret is Fresh top quality Angus Steaks, Choice Fresh Veal, Fresh Seafood, Fresh Chicken and Veggies. With great ingredients come a great finished product.

Burgers ~ Wings ~ Appetizers ~ Submarines

Burgers ~ We use ONLY Fresh Angus Beef that we double grind fresh daily.

Wings ~ We use ONLY Fresh never frozen wings with premium sauce (never cutting any corners).

Submarines ~ Ithaca Bakery bread, topped with fresh veggies, meats, and cheeses. Using ONLY top quality ingredients (no B grade or seconds), homemade sauces, and don't forget our Homemade Italian Sausage.

Appetizers ~ We have a nice selection of unique items including our FRESH Calamari.

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